Responsible design boosts for lifestyles

Mezzanine Architects dissolve barriers and infuse pattern and colour to carve out the personalities of the inmates in a trendy apartment in just 86 sq. m. of space!

When people move from a larger space (here, 300 sq. m.) to a smaller one (here, 86 sq. m.), the architect takes on the added responsibility of designing a home that will soothe and comfort and to a great extent, reinforce the inmates’ confidence and spiritedness.

Architects Romulo Teixeira and Cintia Miyahira, principals, Mezzanine Architects have taken their personal ideologies a notch higher by infusing this home with a colourful, energetic vibe; thus mitigating the compactness that could have posed a drawback for their clients.

Located in Santos, Brazil, the compact home is opened up by knocking down the dividing wall between the kitchen and living, thus generating an open plan. Although linear in plan, the depth of its linearity is well balanced with large vertical wall art and ceiling-wall wood panelling that also acts the statutory demarcation of the dining area and kitchen. Juxtaposing horizontal lines via the dining table and its overhead luminaire effectively cut across the space, adding a touch of intrigue. Reflective surfaces of the dining table and the kitchen augment spaciousness.

Lightness is introduced via furniture and light fittings designed by the architect duo predominantly using the wire-frame typology. The spatial elements thus become porous with the playful paper-clip pattern extending to stool and table legs, wired chair backs, even the painting on the wall!

A monochrome schematic arrests attention accentuated by pops of neon hues in furniture, throw cushions and accessories. A palpable dynamism ensues. The place that could have appeared run-of-the-mill doing little, if at all, for the mindset of the retired couple, is thus transformed into a homely mystic – opening up a new chapter in their lives and lifestyles.